EnlightenNext is not just an organization… it’s a state of consciousness.

It’s what happens when the freedom, joy, and liberating clarity of spiritual enlightenment comes together with a passionate sense of responsibility for evolution, for what’s next.

That is the current of inspiration, purpose, optimism, and awakened interest that fuels everything we do. It’s the thrill of perpetual development and dynamic creativity, of being connected to the very energy behind the evolving universe. Through our award-winning magazine, our annual cycle of events, and our expanding global network of Evolutionaries, EnlightenNext is dedicated to offering forums in which people can experience and engage with this state of consciousness together. We’re convinced that spiritual enlightenment is not a personal matter, but an evolutionary potential that really does have the power to change our world from the inside out and create a new foundation for our collective culture.

"In evolutionary spirituality, we are more interested in the future than we are in the present moment. Why? Because the present moment has already happened, so there is not much that we can do about it. We've already arrived there. But the future, which always exists in the next moment, is something we can actually impact. The future is something that we can actually get involved in creating and take responsibility for in the most exciting way possible. When we begin to care about evolution, we feel a passion for the future that is all-consuming."

- Andrew Cohen