EnlightenNext London

The London EnlightenNext Centre in Islington is simultaneously a tranquil oasis and a thriving vortex of activity with public events ranging from meditation, discussions, films and a speaker series. Its unique character, combining 200 years of heritage with a very 21st century vision, has been consciously created to provide a dedicated forum for exploring the evolutionary enlightenment teachings of Andrew Cohen.

As Champions Club is based in the Uk and lists Uk events, EnlightenNext London has it’s own dedicated Project Area website on the Champions Club community site. You can click here to visit it.

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"Traditionally, enlightenment has been defined as a profound awakening to the Ground of Being - an awakening in which the seeker finds liberation through transcending the world of time and space.

"But in the new enlightenment, which is redefined in an evolutionary context, the discovery of this primordial ground is not an end in itself. It becomes the essential foundation from which the individual is freed to participate wholeheartedly in the evolutionary process.

"What arises out of that ground is an impulse to evolve, which I call the Authentic Self, and the goal of Evolutionary Enlightenment is to liberate this creative principle in human consciousness so that it can transform us and the world around us."

- Andrew Cohen

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The Discovery Cycle

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