EnlightenNext New York

EnlightenNext is not just a global organization …it’s a STATE of consciousness.

Our New York center in mid-town Manhattan is a vortex of engagement and transformation in the bustling heart of New York City.

In the midst of cutting-edge art, culture, media, business, and finance, the center offers both a retreat from the hectic pace of this international city as well as a synergistic hub committed to exploring and embodying the explosive, revolutionary potentials of Andrew Cohen’s teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment.

Our mission: to catalyze a revolution in consciousness and culture.

“There’s a big difference between how much any individual thinks they care, and how much any individual actually does care. How much anybody does care will always be revealed - seen, known and recognised by how an individual actually lives… by their actual day-to-day relationship to; the other, to the others, to life, to the universe, to the process. That’s the only way you can tell how much any individual cares is by how they live their life.”

- Andrew Cohen

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