World Center in Lenox, USA

EnlightenNext World Center

The EnlightenNext World Center, situated on a beautiful 220-acre estate historically known as Foxhollow, is home to Andrew Cohen and his largest body of students. Located in the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts, it is an easy 2-3 hour drive from New York City and Boston. The EnlightenNext World Center is a 21st century ashram, providing an ideal environment for retreats with Andrew Cohen and for Enlightened Communication discussion groups. It also houses the main offices of EnlightenNext Magazine and is a popular venue for the international speakers series Voices from the Edge.

“There’s a big difference between how much any individual thinks they care, and how much any individual actually does care. How much anybody does care will always be revealed - seen, known and recognised by how an individual actually lives… by their actual day-to-day relationship to; the other, to the others, to life, to the universe, to the process. That’s the only way you can tell how much any individual cares is by how they live their life.”

- Andrew Cohen

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