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“Andrew Cohen has arrived at an insight that is crucial for our historical situation. Enlightenment is not a movement out of the everyday world but is instead a profound entrance into deep participation in the evolution of the universe. Rarely have I encountered such simple, searing wisdom connecting religious ideas about enlightenment with the scientific understanding of an evolutionary cosmos.” – Brian Swimme, Ph.D., author of The Universe Story

What is Enlightenment? Unbound

WIE Unbound is an internet broadcast service presenting weekly audios, videos, and downloadable MP3s from the spiritual pioneers, innovative philosophers, cutting-edge scientists, and visionary activists featured in the magazine.

“There’s a big difference between how much any individual thinks they care, and how much any individual actually does care. How much anybody does care will always be revealed - seen, known and recognised by how an individual actually lives… by their actual day-to-day relationship to; the other, to the others, to life, to the universe, to the process. That’s the only way you can tell how much any individual cares is by how they live their life.”

- Andrew Cohen

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